My Review of Renita D’Silva’s A Mother’s Secret

A Mother’s Secret: A beautiful, heartbreaking novel of love, loss and hidden tragedy by Renita D’Silva
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Brilliantly written, ‘A Mother’s Secret’ is a gripping, heart-wrenching, unpredictable mystery! It showcases the lengths women will travel, in order to achieve their goals, even if that means keeping life-long secrets. Secrets, which affect not only them, but all who are even remotely tied to them. Secrets, which result in deceit, disaster, and destruction, and many times, the opposite outcome of the one desired.

All the reader’s senses become involved and heightened, as the descriptions of the events unfold before one’s eyes. Varying hues of color are taken from the artist’s palette, and charmingly sprinkled throughout, appearing in unexpected places. I was particularly drawn to this sentence; “The air that brushes ***** cheeks is the crushed mauve of regret, flavoured with the deep gold of yearning.”

The author intersperses the perfect amount of twists and turns to keep one riveted, without becoming lost. Each is weaved in so meticulously, they are believable on their own, and add to the complexity of each character, as well as to the narrative in general.

Intriguing, it kept me on the edge of my seat, as I devoured page after page, voraciously hungry to have the puzzle pieced together, revealing the entire picture, yet at the same time, not wanting the story to end. The hunger was not satiated until eight hours after I began, leaving me wide-eyed still, at four in the morning, with all the burning questions answered, melded together and perfectly fitting in the carefully designed framework of the beautiful, intricate tapestry called ‘A Mother’s Secret’.
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Readers’ Reviews

Love reading my readers’ reactions to Postcards from Goa! Beautiful reviews make my day!

Thank you Renu for this touching and beautiful review!

Renu review PFG

Love it when my writing can touch readers in this way! Thank you Nurry Notta!



Here is another glowing review. Thank you Deb Hatcher.

“Postcards from Goa, Heartfelt love Back and forth in touch, and much learning of Beauty. Never ending with different but loving of cultures. But not able to put book down till the end. Happy for your high listings.”



Readers’ Thoughts about PFG

It is so wonderful when your readers leave heartfelt comments. Here is one I just received today. 🙂


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I received this beautiful comment in an email.

I just finished reading “Postcards from Goa”, a great love story. I enjoyed this love story after a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I love romance and it was written in such a pure form.  It brought Goa and its culture alive, and the love of two generations. A great work.


Another beautiful comment by a reader who felt the sentiments expressed.


LOVED it!! The hard work you put in your novel is visible…the outcome is an amazing story. Well done!!